Top Rated Portable Tent Crates For Pets
Top Rated Portable Tent Crates For Pets

Finding a boarding kennel during the holiday season is a challenge, as most are full this time of year. Most pet parents hate leaving their dogs behind in a kennel anyway. Traveling with your dog isn’t always easy either.

More and more hotels are pet-friendly, but most require a kennel. Loading a bulky metal kennel in the back of your car along with the entire family’s luggage feels a bit like playing Tetris. The good news is: there’s a better way.

Portable tent crates are soft-sided, collapsible, easy to store and transportable crates for your pets. They’re perfect for traveling and sturdy enough to keep your pet safe and secure when you’re not with him. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry.

Highly Rated Portable Tent Crates for Pets

  1. Soft Side Pet Crate by Precision Pet:  This crate features nylon mesh windows and a padded bottom that is removable for cleaning. The entire crate is waterproof for easy washing. It comes in four sizes and is suitable for dogs up to 90lbs. Amazon gives this item 4.5 stars. Prices (ranging by size) start at just under $65 for the small and go up to about $99 for the large.
  2. Go Pet Club Soft Pet Crate: Another highly rated choice available on Amazon. Pet parents appreciate the aesthetically pleasing design, while pets appreciate the faux-lambskin padded bed for comfort. This crate comes in five different sizes ranging from xx-small to x-large. Prices begin at $32 and go up to about $62.
  3. 2Pet Fold-a-Crate: Another crate with 4.5 stars on Amazon. The Fold-a-Crate comes in 3 colors and 4 sizes, making it a great choice for any pet-parent. If your pet is a bit of an escape artist, you’ll love their new “zipper-protection,” covering the entire front, making it harder for your pet to chew through. Prices range from $35-$68.

Top Rated Portable Tent Crates For Pets
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